Occasionally I get a yearning to make something by hand.  In the past, I have sewn and crocheted when I had this urge.  Now I find collage serves this need.   The tediousness of the handwork is what draws me to collage.  My preference is to paint and paint largely.  

This particular collage was made during a period when I had been gallery sitting for the Roswell Fine Arts Alliance.  When I do this I prefer to bring paper and paste as opposed to heavier supplies needed to work on paintings.  And with paint, there is always the mess to manage.  

For me, the tedious part of making collage is the pasting it down.   I have to make a photo before the pasting begins.  The pieces move around so much I almost lose the composition worked out.   I have made a few collages where I pasted as I went just to see what would happen if I didn't plan it out before pasting.  That's an interesting process for making the collage as well. 

Diago was completed as a simple collage without thought other than for color and composition. When completed it reminded someone of "Diago" so that's how it got its name.  It's available for purchase  if you're interested:

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